Vuong’s family castle
Vuong's family castle

Vuong Family’s castle, Vietnamese architectural master work, is form 1993 a National Cultural Historical Relic (Decision No 937-QD/BT dates 23/7/1993).

Vuong Chinh Duc (1865 – 1947) was born in a Hmong family in Pa Tro village, Sa Phin commune. His career left a deep imprint on the Dong Van’s history. As a very clever and talented man at the age of 30, he was proclaimed leader by Hmong people in Sa Phin – Pho Bang area. Based on opium culture and trade in Dong Van area, he financial potential and military force were increasingly, let him deal with his “internal rivals” and his “external enemies”; the Qing Dynasty of China, the French, the Japanese and the Chinese Koumingtang. He became rich and powerful Hmong leader, who controlled the whole Dong Van area. After the French – Hmong Peace Treaty (1913), the political and financial power of Vuong Family had been culminated. Vuong Chinh Duc started to build the Castle. It was carried out in more than 8 years (1919 -1928)

Vuong Family castle is the delicate combination between Chinese and Hmong traditional architecture using materials from Yunnan(China) and local ones, such as limestone, iron-wood and double tiles. Moreover, it was constructed by the most exellent bulders from Yunnan and Dong Van so it becomes an everlasting architect master work


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