Travelling from Ha Giang to Bac Ha or Sapa

Do you know how many kilometers from Ha Giang to Bac Ha? And how to move from Ha Giang to Bac Ha (or vice versa, from Bac Ha to Ha Giang)? Can you go by bus and should take the Bac Ha – Ha Giang bus which is safe, feasible?

This short article will help you find the right bus Bac Ha – Ha Giang and vice versa, Ha Giang – Bac Ha


Bus Ha Giang – Lao Cai (200km)

Leave at 6:00am, 12:00pm everyday. That is the solution for you to go to Sapa or Bac Ha. Bus stop once for toilet and drinks or have some snacks. You will arrive Lao Cai after 5 hours from the journey. The route will start from Ha Giang (QL2) -> Bac Quang(QL279) -> Pho Rang (QL70) -> Bac Ngam -> Lao Cai.

Lao Cai to Bac Ha

You may stop at Bac Ngam (head of DT153 road) to wait for another bus that going different way from Lao Cai – Bac Ha. It take less than 20 minutes. You will arrive Bac Ha after half an hour.

Lao Cai – Sapa

You may find a city bus that leave Lao Cai every 30 minutes from Lao Cai to Sapa easily for amount 30.000VND per person

Bac Ha or Sapa to Ha Giang

For travelling from Sapa or Bac Ha to Ha Giang you may need help from local hotel staffs or travel agent. If you are in Bac Ha please come to Bac Ha Tourist (Hoang Yen restaurant) – +84914637360


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