Traditional house of H’mong people in Sung La

H’mong traditional house is a cultural characteristic area of Dong Van. This a house is located in Sung La, Dong Van. The entire house is enclosed self-contained architectural unit composed of four connected wings surrounding a quare yard in the centre. The house was surrounded by rocky fences and built with rammed ground walls, roofed with double tiles, wooden low door.

Traditional house of H'mong people
Traditional house of H’mong people

This quaint architectural style is suitable for extremely severe climate and weather conditions on Dong Van Karst Plateau as well as the traditional customs of H’mong people. In 1947, after becoming the richest Landlord in Sung La area mainly due to the drug trade, Mua Sua Pao – a H’mong man – built this house. Recently, it is owned by his grandson Mua Sinh Gia. It was chosen as the setting for a movie titled “The Story of Pao” – “Golden Kite Award” in 2005 of Vietnam Cinematography Association.

In 2013, it was invested by Dong Van People Committee to upgrade and embellished in accordance with the prinviple to preserve all traditional architectural features of H’mong people.


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